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Ethics & Responsibility

We firmly believe in: Integrity, transparency and ethical standards.

Customer care

Understanding and responding to all our customers’ requirements. We work hard to build lasting and close relationships with our customers, colleagues and with partners in all the markets in which we operate; our long term objective is to ensure customer loyalty.


Respect for the individual and diversity

The diversity of our employees is a key asset in achieving our ultimate goals.
Teamwork & cooperation – encouraging open communication across the organisation, sharing best practices, knowledge and technology.


Responsibility & accountability

By defining responsibility, we empower our employees so they are accountable for their individual contributions and ultimately the success of the organisation.


Innovation, creativity and development

Being energetic, creative and passionate about everything we do.
Continuously encouraging, supporting and nurturing the development of innovative and creative ideas, as well as providing opportunities for individual development.


Code of conduct

This Code of Business Conduct sets out the values, principles and practices that guide business conduct in Dazio Healthcare. It describes and reinforces company-wide ethical standards and sustains a work environment that fosters integrity, respect and fairness.

This Code applies to officers, directors and employees worldwide as well as to members of the Board.